Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Years, and many others from around the world. The December 1st issue will have this format: The holiday season is upon us. HAIKU. Haiku/Senryu, Tanka, and Cherita Submission-Send a minimum of 5 haiku/maximum of 10 haiku per submission period. Fading Light - Jane Fraser. FEATURES. For haiku, we’re open to standard 5-7-5 as well more traditional/modern styles. 2. Rhossili Reunion - Lizzie Fincham. hedgerow is dedicated to publishing an eclectic mix of new and established voices across the spectrum of the short poem, with particular attention to the constantly evolving forms of haiku, senryu & tanka. Please send us 5 of your best holiday themed senryu to help bring us together during this time socially… SEQUENCES. SUBMISSION GUIDELINES Please send at least 10 poems/artwork. More. WALES HAIKU JOURNAL. Currently poetrypea.com is seeking haiku and senryu. We welcome haiku from the experienced and beginners and all points between. Previous issues of hedgerow are available to view online. The print issues can be purchased here. SUBMIT. Please follow the links below for details on how to submit your work for consideration. PLEASE SEND YOUR SUBMISSIONS BETWEEN THE 10TH AND THE 25TH OF NOVEMBER! Lime Ones - Michael O'Brien. Clear e-mail submissions with haiku arrayed either within the e-mail text or as an attachment; "MH submission" in the Subject line, and full postal address on the page with the haiku. Mission Statement. Please listen to our podcasts, read the haiku on the site and check the submission topics, so you have an … the path down - Paul Griffiths. Under the Basho is an annual organic journal in the sense that accepted submissions will be added to the journal as the year proceeds through the submission period from March 1st through to November 15th.. December 1st will be considered the publication date of the completed annual journal. Please type “Haiga, Tanka Art, and Cherita Art Submission” as the subject heading. A maximum of 15 haiku per submission See About Echidna Tracks Submissions will only … 5–15 haiku per page/submission, with the author’s name and address at the top of each page. What We Publish: Poetry: Please follow sonnet and haiku standards. HAIBUN. At the end of the submission date, the best ones are going to be selected. CONTACT. Submission Information. Snapshot Press offers extensive opportunites for the publication of haiku, tanka, short poetry and haibun. Anybody can submit work that is relevant to Australia - but, as this is a website for the collection of Australian haiku, the work we are looking for will come out of an authentic experience of either living in or visiting Australia. Submissions. HAIBUN. When ready to submit, please use our online submission system. Iris Stalks - Michael Dylan Welch. Moving - Sean O'Connor. All Wet - John J. Dunphy. Maximum four (4) poems per submission. Submit to  framelesssky@gmail.com.

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