I know some people were opposed to Clash in the Clouds, but with the Season Pass only $20.00 for all 3 DLCs, there is a cheaper way to get them all. BSI is the prequel chronologically with the Burial at Sea DLC leading up to the events of BS1. BioShock Infinite: Mind in Revolt is an e-book released on February 13th, 2013, for the Amazon Kindle, and serves as a prequel story to the game BioShock Infinite.Written by Irrational Games writer Joe Fielder, in collaboration with input from Ken Levine, this novel offers an insight story and background of Columbia, as well as motivations for key characters, such as Daisy Fitzroy. A DLC that begins with allusions and references to the events of the first game soon becomes a full-on prequel. Is it a worthy conclusion? This new story addition takes players (along with Booker and Elzabeth) back to the world of Rapture for a Noir style adventure on November 12th. No, Delta was already made into a Big Daddy before 1958 and dies during/right before the new years riots, the same time Burial at Sea takes place. Come inside for the full press release and pricing details! For me having played the games in release order instead does feel logical in hind sight actually. Also BS2 is canon according to the prequel book BioShock: Rapture (Ken Levine acted as a consultant). Burial At Sea shatters the wall between the two, establishing Infinite as BioShock’s prequel. It’s already been well-advertised that Burial at Sea Episode 2 switches the player character from Booker to Elizabeth, a change that proves more than just superficial. So, Season Pass for $20 (which might include a DLC you didn't want) versus both Burial at Sea episodes for $30-35. I was also under the impression with Burial at Sea prior to this episode, that Rapture in the DLC was an alternate one along with alternate Bookers and Elizabeth, and the idea would be that it would play off the "infinite universes" idea from the ending of Infinite rather than deeply intertwining both Infinite and … The latest and last chunk of DLC for BioShock Infinite acts as a finale for the game, the BioShock series as a whole and, following the recent shock announcement, Irrational Games itself. Burial at Sea - Episode 1 Banner.. For the achievement/trophy with the same name, see Burial at Sea (Achievement/Trophy).. Burial at Sea is a DLC pack for BioShock Infinite.Split into two episodes, Burial at Sea explores Rapture on the eve of the underwater city's fall from grace through the eyes of Booker DeWitt in the first episode, and as Elizabeth in the second. In some ways, this was already obvious. Irrational Games and 2K has announced today exactly when Bioshock Infinite fans can get their hands on the first chapter of the story based DLC, Burial at Sea. Bought individually, it's $35.

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