", Pros: "Spirit send me a few emails saying my flight wa deyaled I arrive to airport an hour n 15mins early when I got there the girl in the counter proceed to tell me the close the flight I told her I'm more then hour early she said she couldn't help me I asked for the manager and waiting for her for more then 30 minutes with no show now I'm stuck in Newark with no where to go" Sometimes a weeknight "red-eye" flight is cheaper than holiday and weekend flights. the movie I tried to watch kept skipping, like on old scratched CD. I sat comfortable the whole flight :)", Pros: "Everything" ", Cons: "First flight was delayed two hours and I missed the second. We hit so fast and hard that the plane teetered from one wheel to the other and fish tailed so hard that people's necks were hurt. ", Pros: "The crew very friendly." They ran out of food choice by the time they got to our seating area which was at half point of the plane! ", Cons: "Spirit is the most unprofessional airline and canceled my flight without any accommodation or compensation. Judith Tingley is a writer, editor and multi-media artist based in Louisville, Kentucky. Also, we purchased our tickets together, obviously to be sat together. The personal device entertainment was very buggy. We were very stressed and felt like we were not treated professionally. ", Pros: "Fast boarding,good customer service. ", Pros: "Safe Flight Awesome Trip in & out" ", Cons: "Charging $45 for carry-on, is way too much, regardless of whether it's a budget airline. Cheapest Time of the Year to Go to Florida. and also the seats are extremely hard and do not recline. At the checkin, instead of putting me on another flight, they told me that it was over that I had to rebook a new tickets to my own expense. If budget is on your mind when planning your trip but you'd like to book your ticket with a major airline, search for flights to Florida that land in Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport, Tampa International Airport (TPA), or Palm Beach International Airport. Last on the plane took a while. ", Pros: "Nothing" ", Cons: "I booked the flight with Kayak and it showed the airline as Finnair, the flight was actually with American, no complains about it. Cons: "baggage charges. This process could use some streamlining. ", Cons: "The Frontier flight was a rip-off. Cons: "Too many "hidden" and extra costs", Cons: "Out of all days, our flight got cancelled on Father's day.. I felt nickled and dimed, pay for soft drinks??????? ", Cons: "Everything went to plan no delays, or drama. Was then able to get a flight home with JetBlue for a similar departure time but had to pay $100 more then the refund amount. We were lucky we asked a question to find out the gate had been changed. Florida is a popular vacation destination for many good reasons. If possible, I'll never fly United again. When making reservations, ask for final prices, including any extra costs, such as taxes and additional fees. Upon arriving at the counter they wanted to charge me to keep me and my fiancée together, otherwise she was at the front of the plane and I was all the way at the back. Easy access to food, charging outlets, comfortable seating, and an open atmosphere made my layover quite pleasant. There were very few smiles, hellos, or how can I help you. The flight status was changed 7 times. It was almost always and grunt and what do you want? If we buy tickets from your website and you own the process, you should be more helpful when there are problems. But to stay positive, they were kiind, sympathetic, funny, sweet. Was told to see an agent. At boarding there were many passengers who didn't know there was a charge for a carryon so that slowed down the boarding for the rest of us. Stay away!!! Of course in economy class they will not give you water or attention until you are at cruising altitude. Cons: "leave on time. ", Cons: "When we arrived at AirPort El Dorado, we discovered that our flight was cancelled/has been changed without warning us! ", Pros: "Flight was on time. Cons: "There are nothing I do not like. This was an old 747 that needs an update. Cons: "No complaints", Cons: "I can't believe they don't even give you water on Spirit. The chairs where so bad I ended up with back pains for days. Could have gone with a better airline for comparable price. There's always a way around it. ", Pros: "Very fast and efficient" Sandwiches were stale and salad was soggy. The small, extra comforts were wonderful and I wish everyone had them while risking their lives together over the ocean - especially the extra room At times, on the way over I felt a claustrophobic panic. She loves road trips and new adventures. I was charged for a seat and for carry-on luggage which should have been included in the advertised price. I had my laptop & iPad in there. And taking the carry-on bag. Cons: "ONLY ONE CARRY ON PERMITTED, THAT IS NOT EVEN A CARRY ON, IT IS A 'PERSONAL BAG' THAT YOU CAN'T EVEN FIT A PAIR OF PANTS IN IT!!! Cons: "Food service was below standards for any airline! Cons: "Paying for a carry 40 EACH trip on i thought was a little too much also they dont have any tv on the plane, didnt have enough beverages when i asked them... Would i recommend them again? Cons: "The seats are extremely uncomfortable and the airline has taken penny pinching to the extreme and it shows. Cons: "Plane was equipped with Direct TV but the TVs were not powered on and that was very disappointing. Cons: "First attempt to check im at kiosk failed. Two hours does not give enough time. These airlines are n need of a real policy that lets them know it is money we are expending when we take a flight. Then had to talk to the supervisor and and the tall dark lady told me if I not happy we can get off the plane and get on the next one! Cons: "All was good. Except not quite. Cons: "The landing was a little rough but the pilot did good. Cons: "Telling the truth", Cons: "Over 2 hours delayed for no notable reason", Pros: "Good plane, seats are OK even though do not recline that much" I was at the airport super early. Anyway we finally got our seats back and the rest was better." For a flight that was over 3 hours long, it was NOT WORTH ANY OF IT!!! Stay at an All-suite Hotel with an In-room Kitchen. Their website says that if you chose your seat online you have to pay, but if you do at check in it is free and they will try to keep your party together as long as there's seats available. Unnecessary stress to travelers that day. Courteous flight attendants." The Shark Valley Visitor Center is the entrance to the park closest to the airport (45m). ", Pros: "Crew was great. Travel Tips. The next most popular destinations are Orlando (20%) and Fort Lauderdale (17%).Searches for flights to Tampa (10%), to Fort Myers (10%) and to West Palm Beach (10%) are also popular. ", Pros: "Absolutely nothing" It's like they want you to miss the flight. First class food offerings were good for a domestic flight." ", Cons: "High charge on baggage. Cons: "Lost luggage. Seriously..???. This was 1/2 hour before the doors closed for this flight. I will NEVER fly Spirit again. ", Cons: "carry-on $30?! Cons: "Who charges for carry on bags? Therefore, doing so took a little long than expected. If things start to look too complicated, it's wise to talk with a travel agent who makes her living by sorting these things out, and who may be aware of deals that are not well-advertised. I've never felt so uncomfortable in my life. Nobody has comped me for losing a day in Rio and for my hotel room. Then another supervisor who was a Spanish lady said to me that sorry the maintenance is falling behind due to lack of comnication and promised that our seats will be fixed soon but she said in the meantime we could find any other seats that are single and sit until ours is ready. ", Cons: "After checking in the night before, we arrived at the gate only to be told the flight was overbooked. I happened to miss the flight. Cons: "Late departure. Key West International Airport (EYW) is one mile away from the nearest beach. the attention was also excellent and fly price was good too. Personally I think using the intercom would work much better. Cons: "That the flight was delayed. Most of the passengers were flight crew either connecting.

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